Our products are able to penetrate the export market because it can meet every strict standard quality requirement of our buyers. The countries that have become the destination of exporting our products are as follows:

- U.S.A (United States of America)
- U.K. (United Kingdom)
- EU (Europe)
- Australia
- Middle East / U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates)
- Malaysia
- Turkey
- Japan
- South Africa
- Thailand
- New Zealand

Our company also supplies its products to domestic and international buyers who possess a brand image such as :

- Cardinal - Leggs - Lea
- Quick Silver - Rodeo - Louis
- OXA - Giani Gracio - Simplicity
- Gabrielle - Logo - Mother Care
- PEP Clothing - Charles Parson - Navico

    Our company also supplies its products to cater the needs of the Government Institutions, for instance: fabric for making the Uniform of POLRI, TNI, SOCIAL DEPARTMENTS, etc. , where there is a very strict demand of quality, that is we have to use the process of VAT-DYEING. With the support of our machines that are Technological Intensive in nature, we are able to meet all of the requirements and demands.